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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for testing a program taht can hack a system but i dont want to use in on an another compuer so i need to ghange my ip to target myself pc .

Whenever you surf the internet and access websites, the chances of having your information stolen exist. Anyone with the right knowledge is able to obtain your bank information as well as your personal data. Don't let that happen by downloading and installing Surf Anonymous Free.

With this software, you essentially will be able to surf the internet in an anonymous fashion. Surf Anonymous Free can hide your IP address which has the benefit of masking your location. With your IP masked, you do not receive all these annoying ads and it is extremely difficult to steal your personal information.

Surf Anonymous Free definitely works well and does not require lots of computer resources to run. In terms of size, the application is quite small. For these reasons, you should try it!