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Echofon for Firefox 2.4.2

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Echofon is known as the fastest leading Twitter application. It easy to use, and allows you to synchronize Twitter updates on your computer, iPhone, iPad, and more. Now, you can have your own Echofon on your Mozilla Firefox Web browser with the use of Echofon for Firefox.

Echofon for Firefox is designed as an add-on for your Firefox. It just sits conveniently on your browser window as a sidebar or a popup window. With this, you no longer have to check out a lot of links just to read or post a lot of tweets. It is more accessible for you can just click Echofon in the toolbar button.

With Echofon for Firefox, you can customize Echofon with its three Windows modes such as Window, sidebar, and panel. It also allows you to activate Echofon's mute system, where you can mute users, hash tags and clients. Get this add-on for your Firefox and experience Twitter at its best.