Bang Bang Racing 1.0 screenshot

Bang Bang Racing 1.0

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choose your car wisely and go through the various challenges in the game

By Pascal Kashamuka

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

you choose the car you want to drive and drive it in very many environments which are like nine in number and you drive the car with an objective of finishing the race in very good time and then avarting all possible dangers for example bombs are other obstacles.There are many challenges in the game which you have to prove your good driving skills as you avert all those challenges and then emerge very victorius.There are many class classes and you are going to choose the one that you are intrested in as well as cars that you have to unlcok in the game but that develops as you go from the sinlge player gamemmode to the multi player game mode.For the hosrtcut lovers dont worry because there are some in the game that you can use to reach to the finishing point very fast.This game is free to download so you dont have any reason not to play it


  • the graphics are in 3 d
  • the game has many challenges to face


  • there are some bugs in the game



Bang Bang Racing is a car racing game that is created with a fantastic and fascinating interface that includes high quality graphics. Just like the other car racing game, drive as fast as you can to overlap your competitors and become the owner of the trophy.

Bang Bang Racing provides different unique vehicles that you can select to be use in the competition in any of the nine complex circuit locations with some environmental conditions that will be viewed in any of the eight colorful skins. There are also some hindrances that you might encounter like bomb exploding, scattered cones and many more.

Bang Bang Racing is a fun family game for kids and adults. Try to play this car racing game and figure out the hidden shortcuts to easily finish the specified number of laps.