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Parabola Calculator Portable 2.0

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Design an customized VSAT Ku-band Reflector for an stabilized platform, to replace the current one that is not performing as well as specified by the vendor

  • Find parabola focus location. I am designing a solar thermal system for home heating. Parabola dish rotates about a fixed focal point which is a spherical heat exchanger.

  • calculate the focal length on parabolic antenna from your software download and now then what you reading this crab you wth eroor the text is to short

  • I will design parabolic antennas for collection of radio waves. I am especially interested in off-axis feeds since the collector does not obscure the reflector.

  • to served as shortcut in calculation of parabolic collector design parameters. this will bee helpful in doing repetitive computations of the same conic.

For computing the dimensions of parabolas, you need to download and install Parabola Calculator Portable. This tool is more than a calculator as its lets you enter the specific parameters of the parabolas.

Parabola Calculator Portable is quite simple to use and does not require lots of resources to run. The application's interface is where you will be able to enter the parameters and dimensions of your parabolas. Some of these parameters include the depth and focal lengths. The overall size of the parabolas can also be entered.

Once you are done designing your parameters, Parabola Calculator Portable will display the final product. In terms of size, the software is very lightweight. This further means that it can be used on the go as the application's name suggests. This is a good tool to have!