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customize your desktop to give it a personal touch ; Icon Configuration Utility 3.5

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

Icon Configuration Utility 3.5 is a free to download software that is specially developed to aid you in customizing your desktop’s icon arrangement and display. Some computer users may feel the need to personalize the appearance of their computer desktop. This new version of the Icon Configuration Utility will help you to do just that. This tool is easily configured and will not pose a challenge in operating its features. It has a simple and user friendly interface. It also has some very useful features to the user seeking to add a bit of a personal touch to the arrangement and appearance of their computer desktop. Among the many features of the Icon Configuration Utility you will find that apart from being able to configure your icons, you will also be able to assign a specified position on your desktop for a specific icon. This will ensure that even after refreshing the computer the icon will not move from the specified position it had been earlier assigned to. In case the user does not want a particular icon appearing on their computer’s desktop they will have an option of deleting the icon from the utility’s interface. In the event where an icon has been erased or the preset configuration has been scrambled the user can restore the previous configuration by a very easy and simple action. Icon Configuration Utility will accept command prompts but this will require a more skilled hand as the prompts may be unfamiliar to a new user. The tool is not very demanding in terms of system requirements.


  • You will configure the icons on your desktop to your liking.
  • You can restore a function that has been changed accidentally.


  • The command prompts require a more experienced user.
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Icon Configuration Utility is an application that allows to perform various organizational tasks with your icons. The tool can be easily configured and comes with some of the most basic features you can imagine.

One of these features is the ability to save the configuration of your icons. Within the configurations, you can assign a desktop position to your icons. It is also possible to delete the icons from Icon Configuration Utility's interface. In case the icons were moved accidentally, use the Restore tool to reset the icons to their former positions.

For advanced users, Icon Configuration Utility comes with a command line prompt that can be used to perform all these tasks. In terms of size, the application is quite small. All these features are what make Icon Configuration Utility such an excellent software.