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Sony Ericsson Update Service 2.14.6

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Enjoy the best features and utilities of your Sony Ericsson phone by using Sony Ericsson Update Service 2.14.6

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Using a phone without enjoying all its features sometimes may be very boring. However if you are using a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and would like to enjoy all the features with it I would recommend that you download and install the Sony Ericsson Update service in your phone to make you use all the features of your phone. With this update service users are able to enjoy all the features of their phone without any inhibition.

With Sony Ericsson Update Service users will be able to check their phone models and features as well as ensure that their phones are fully functional. This application will help search for modern updates and then the user loads them and keep on enjoying their phones to the fullest. This app is free to download and use and is very easy to use due to its simple intuitive user interface. Just like windows update system this app can be configures to frequently check updates making its wonderful.


  • - It is free to download and use
  • - It is easy to use
  • - Improves Sony Ericsson performance tremendously


  • - Only used for Sony Ericsson mobile phones
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download it and have the latest software release from sony

By John Joe

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

the major aim of this update is to keep your sony ericsson phone up to date.All that you have to do to be kept in the front in terms of the latest software updates.What you have to is to just this application sony ericsson update service and then you will be notified by the officials of sony ericsson about the latest software release and then you are good to go.It is just that very simple to use and you dont have to ask what to do all that you have to be doing to to check for the latest updates and if there is you only need to have some wifi so that you can install the latest software on your mobile phone.It is the best application to use as long as you want to have the latest software in regards to the sony ericcson mobile phones and it does not have any struggles whatsover in installing it and also it is very basic to use.


  • it makes sure you have the latest software release.
  • it is so very simple to use


  • the user interface is outdated
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • repair, root, flash i don't know yet my phoy xperia went dead and no longer turns on, might be worth trying instead of costly repair or buying new one

  • personal use, to update my own mobile phone. Currently not playing mp3s as ringtone. Hoping that with upgrade it will work well always as it should

  • i need to update my phone. and currently the pc companion is not working for me soni find other alternatives to do this. so i hope this might work

  • for update sony ericsson p990i because phone is slowly and destroy my photo in folder,music is played with big probably and mms not comes too

  • I;m going to reset my old xperia w8. it won't get turned on after I failed my flashing methods. I wanted to use that phone instead of new one

What similar programs have you used?
  • pc companion update server universal speak portuguese any time used for a people does any diferrence what doing wrong stay connect and stay free

  • i dont have any similiar program wich i used. this is my first time to try using sony ericsson update service 2.14.6 on my computer as beginner as me

  • none You are about to download Sony Ericsson Update Service 2.14.6 from our server Your download is always available File is free of spyware and viruses Advantages:

  • microsoft , apple , plenty more just cant speak on them right now cause my computer is acting up very bad im trying to see whats wrong with it

  • never used any similar program. First time I'm using this to facing software problem from my sony w100i. It takes logo when switching after again switch off.

What do you like most about this program?
  • i hope it still works cause i f***ing need my camera working for me to have an ability to record a process of ma first PC building. It's going to be cool

  • Power revive cell, constantly updated, to update the cell, which is also very intuitive for anyone and easy to use, pero que loco todavia me falta

  • helpfully to repair ma x10 mini pro that get bootloop after 1 change permision on system/bin. the i can't use my phone any more so thanks for

  • its good service it has helped me a lot in updating my sony ericcson experia arc s. i would recommend this program to anyone who wants to update

  • This program ist the best for mobile telefon son xperia arc S beacouse other programs not working correctly. I choupse thats help me to in this day

If you have a mobile device, getting the latest updates is very important to obtain the most out of your device. This is especially true for all Sony Ericsson devices. You should immediately download the Sony Ericsson Update Service in order to take full advantage of your devices.

The Sony Ericsson Update Service first checks to make sure you have a fully functional Sony Ericsson device. Then, the model and specifications of the devices are identified. This information is important for the application to find the right updates for you. There is nothing you really have to do for the updates to be uploaded except accept to load them.

Sony Ericsson Update Service can be configured to check for updates frequently just like the Windows Update system. In order to improve the performance of your Sony Ericsson devices, you should use Sony Ericsson Update Service.