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Capture Those Moments Right From The Computers Web Cam And Video Booth

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Monday, September 7, 2015

If you have ever been in a photo booth then you must know how much fun it must be. In the booth taking pictures with friends can be a lot of fun and much more amusing than a regular photo session. Video booth has been developed and designed using the same concept as that of the photo booth. The only difference is that with the video booth you get to shoot videos instead of photographs only. The video booth is a great addition to your computer. Once downloaded and successfully installed you only require to install a web cam to your computer and the booth will be ready to use. Go crazy using the video booth and create as much fun possible. Due to its ease to use any one can use the video booth. With every snapshot you take video booth will let you know that its about to take the picture by flashing on your web cam. You can take multiple pictures with the video booth but conforming to the traditional photo booth four successive picture frames. With the video booth you can add some special effects to the clips you take, this enhances their appearance and makes them even more presentable. If you are a subscriber to social sites and would like to share the clips you take by uploading them to your favorite sites.

Go insane with this new video booth taking the best and funniest videos.


  • Is easy to download, install and use.
  • It allows you to add effects to the videos you shoot.


  • the trial version is very shortlived.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




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Photo Booths are quite an amusing and fun way to take photos with your friends and family. The concept of Photo Booths is what you will find in Video Booth.

Indeed, Video Booth is a booth for taking videos. The best thing is that it works with your computer as long as a webcam is installed. All you have to do is installed and run the application. Video Booth will let you know when it is about to take a snapshot picture by flashing your webcam.

Just like with a Photo Booth, you can take four successive pictures. One distinctive feature of Video Booth is the ability to add special effects to the pictures. For uploading and sharing your videos to your favorite social network or website, Video Booth can help you.