Nokia Map Loader 3.0.28 screenshot

Nokia Map Loader 3.0.28

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • so that I can be able to drive and not get lost with my nokia phnoe and there is no need for a gps or any of those fancy gadgets to buy as they are expensive

What do you like most about this program?
  • voice announced and it has clear street names plus it does not cost so much most of my friends use it that is why i fell in love with it .it will help me on the road even if i dont have gps

Nokia has put in place a server where users with Nokia devices can upload maps. Those without Nokia devices are still able to access the maps as well. Nokia Map Loader is an application that plays the third-party in accessing the map server.

Once you have Nokia Map Loader running, it will automatically connect to the Nokia server. Then, an interface where you can select the kind of map you wish to download will be accessible. You will be able to download city indexes and associated voices side-by-side with the maps.

Nokia Map Loader can access older map version for you. There is a comparison tool that can show you which sections of the maps have been updated. Whenever a new map has been downloaded and installed, Nokia Map Loader will keep an installation history for you.