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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to repair some pdf in my computer. i need it realyy much becose those are importanto documents and is very important for my buss and for me.

  • school project. we are doing an assignment that requires a pdf file, and the one we saved was damanged for some reason. so, we need to repair it.

If your PDF documents are corrupted or damaged, you might need an application like PDF Repair Toolbox. This is a reliable and easy to install tool that can do a lot for you.

Indeed, PDF Repair Toolbox is able to scan your PDF files and restore their original qualities and contents. However, you will need to scan your computer and import the PDF files that you would like to recover. The recovery process is quite simple to follow and very fast.

PDF Repair Toolbox then scans the source document and makes a recovered copy. You can save that copy wherever you want. Also, you will notice how the format of the PDF document is preserved. Even for password protected and encrypted files, PDF Repair Toolbox can do its job right.