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Sumo Paint Air 3.6.5

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • image editing, mostly for simple changes to vector or raster images. I am training in graphic design so this software will prove to be useful for me.

  • for editing my photos and for having fun with ather compuyters and by the way this is shiit ti do that because maybe will not work and i try forr niothing

  • publishing and enriched my advertisements to gain more interesting at my program later on. unless I am using Corel but it would be worth while.

  • I plan on using this free program to create a various multitude of artwork, ranging from 2-D art to animations. The creation of such art will be used for a manga series.

  • for making and designing of graphic designs such as books, magazine, newsletter, booklet, brochures, poster, stamps, logos, calendars and other

What similar programs have you used?
  • 03?/07?/2013 - In terms of paint applications, Sumo Paint Air is one tool that you will enjoy. It has all the characteristics necessary for being successful among ...

  • i am goig to use it for drawibg and lots more stuff. such as deviantart making icons bases abimations i just love drawing and i wanted to try

  • paint photoshop and any other thing like this one here and others much less similiar and thank you for your big tall question wich reflect your done

  • Adobe Photoshop C5,Paint. That's all... I did not use any other programs. But this one caught my eyes. And i really wanna try it! So let me download this!

  • I have not used any other drawing program except adobe photoshop and Im going to fill the rest of this comment box with this sentence that I just wrote

What do you like most about this program?
  • Powerful photo editing, with free internet acess to public and also what i like most about this website is tht it has this program for complety free!

  • I like his simplicity, and its ok replacement for other more expensive programs such as Photoshop or Corel or any other Adome product on the market

  • what i like about this software the most is the ability to draw in a symetry envoirment, because it gives me the freedom of making full loops of creativity

  • I like the creative options available through Sumo Paint. I was exposed to it at a training today for educators on using digital technology in the classroom and it was great!

  • painting learning tutorial. Hopefully, we can see more software like this. That's awesome and very good painting experience. Thank you so much.

In terms of paint applications, Sumo Paint Air is one tool that you will enjoy. It has all the characteristics necessary for being successful among most users.

The main interface of Sumo Paint Air is where all the paint work takes place. That interface is quite nicely designed and comes with all the functions you need to create your paintings. It is also possible to zoom in and out of the painting from that interface. The Color Picker is where you chose the right color blend for your paintings.

Moreover, various layers can be added as there is a tool for that too. Sumo Paint Air will even let you set the right grid for the paintings. Sumo Paint Air is without a doubt a wonderful painting application you should take advantage of.