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Autorun Eater 2.6

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • To stop the run of all files that would have an auto run feature on any external device. I hope this explanation is sufficient for the download

  • I am downloading this software for autorun virus removing from my personal computer because its the great tool which easily remove autorun virus

  • For Personal use and not for business. More precisely for the security system of my laptop. Since this program is good at detecting viruses in external drives

  • my computer is used by many peoplein the office intalling their flash drives and cd. so i would like to install this software so that it will detect any malicious ware that may eat the files which are important

  • protect my pc against malware, external virus and other malcious in case of any external device i will be protected with this soft ware guard

What do you like most about this program?
  • Easy to use and efficient for removing shortcut virus! Keep improving this program for better performance and thank you for making it real wo

Autorun Eater is an application that allows to increase the safety precautions you have on your computer, especially about CD and flash drives.

This utility has the ability to check all related to INF files. These ones are files that must be installed on the drives root, mainly on flash drives, and indicates it how do they have to behave on Windows Operative System at the time they are inserted.

Autorun Eater checks all the INF files entries that you connect to your PC: when it finds a command line that can be “suspicious”, it stops it execution so you can decide if it is safe or not. You will be able to delete the entry, or indicate the program that it doesn´t have to take it as a threat again. It all will be kept on a LOG file.

Autorun Eater is an excellent complement for the antivirus you have installed.