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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for remove windows legitiem because they think that i have a ilegal version of it and i only want to try to get away the black computer monitor

  • use windows xp without key on a virtual machine with an oem but asking for activation. I don't know what to say next. I hope this program works

  • write a school task report about the utility of several free ware including this one. Last but not least, I want to check blogger's integrity

  • to stop the activation notification for windows home edition and all other microsoft editions of this software program asap and 7 professional

What similar programs have you used?
  • we have used noting for it till the date what is this character length system why should i type more and more please dont do this dsf sdfkljsdk

  • i hace downloded coreldraz ripper and all kinds of programs to help my self be a good reaper en to finish this stupid thing of qritting some

  • windows xp You are about to downYour download is always availableThe best download speeddfgvdload RemoveWGA 1.2 from our server Advantages:

Sometimes the functionalities that Microsoft incorporates to Windows are not totally useful. This is the case of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), a service that checks your computer periodically in order to confirm that your Windows copy is original, consuming lot of memory and network resources unnecessarily.

RemoveWGA is a tool designed to deactivate this service once for all, and take back all your PC potential.

RemoveWGA is a safe software that does not modify not even damage any other Windows component. What is more: it solves an old inconvenient of the Operative System, because when WGA performs the version check it opens the system ports to send the information to Microsoft what means a big risk for many users.

You should renew your Windows system now with RemoveWGA, you will not regret about it!