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Sculptris is a 3d animation editing tool which enables you to edit your model

By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sculptris is a 3d animation editing tool which enables you to edit your model by enabling it to be used as a sculpt. Now when you enable sculpt the model is edited the way you would edit a clay model. By molding it into different shapes, making it a sculpt model.

The software has differend brushes that enable you to change the structure of your model into different shapes. There is a pull brush that will enable you to pull out your structrue. There are also push, soft harden and other many tools that come with sculptris.

If you have a box shape model and you want to sculpt it ionto different shapes, you can choose symmetry if you want two sides or all sides to have the same shape. You can also give each individual face a different pattern.

After youre model is done you can choose to export it into other animating programs or use it as it is. The only thing is that sculptris isnt compatible with most 3d program thus lowers its userbility, but it is compatible with the famouse ones.


It is very easy to use and has more tools that the 3d programs. Sculptris is a sculpting tool and not a full animating program so dont expect it to do more than it is supposed to.


  • it is easy to use
  • it is free to use


  • support for 3d program is lower in the scale
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to experiment and to create forms that can not in real conditions.Due to lack of materials and space also because it gives the ability to change your material and correctly decide

  • Just taste because i love this program. can i explain with details? hello i am muhammed emin kursun. i feel sick than i go to hospital but i have not got apcesnfigg

  • for graphic designing and modelling of different thing, and i want to use this software to create an animated sculpture which will be transfer to blender and other 3d softwares

  • I am a sculpture lecture in the Department of Fine Art, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. I wish to use this to familiarize my students with computer application as regards contemporary sculpture

  • As a hobby making 3d models and drawing I just want to make cool things chain, rym pot catle house texture big plate fantestic changing maniphulating and making extreme

What similar programs have you used?
  • I like very much zbrush ..because many colors and effects.with stunning realism. I intend to do with this software.A great work of sculpture

What do you like most about this program?
  • the ability to easily clay model. I really think that this program was taken to a whole new level as far as being user friendly. It is very easy for anyone to create very professional looking projects.

  • i love the modelling and that the help is really comprehensive. i use this prorgram to model though i am a novice but you learn as your using it.

  • I can make anything from the orb. like a gold nugget insect monster etc. this will help me in computer graphics learning to use the different tools.

  • It possibility and overwhelming features and realism about interesting new hights in education we get, i also really enjoy trying new stuff s let it be

Sculptris Alpha is the software made for artists who have taken sculpting to the digital level. It has been improved over the years and through many versions, and now you can even make creations there that are compatible with ZBrush.

For beginners at Sculptris Alpha, just imagine that you have a virtual piece of clay and that you can use tools for pinching, twisting, pushing and pulling in order to create a shape that you have imagined. It also offers you the option of painting and making checkered patterns. Plus, you can make mosaics. It is very user friendly, so it is perfect for beginner virtual sculptors.

What you learn with it can also be applied with ZBrush. It is really innovative and you can create in 3D.