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WinDS Pro 2015.05.06

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i'm gonna use it for gaming. Oh please just let me download it already. The suspense is killing me. Why am I even still typing useless answers/

  • to play professor layton games and other good Nintendo ds games that I can't acces on my computer if I don't download this program. Thank you!

  • to play super mario 3d land and others games please leave me to download this emulator, I was searching so much time, why do you need too many

What similar programs have you used?
  • i had used desume for similar result and you guys what kind of other emulator have you tried before using winddspro is this the best one right

  • i am the first time to use emulator for pc, i hope that i can install doom 1 and play it, because this game is super strong and make me feel

All the game players know that Nintendo almost ever develops PC games: the titles of this company that you can find available for PC can be counted on one hand. WinDS Pro is a program that comes to solve in part this inconvenient.

This application is an emulator, which means a software that simulates the behavior of Nintendo DS or Nintendo GameBoy Advance consoles. This way, you just need a ROM of your favorite game (there are thousands on the Internet), in order to start enjoying it on your computer.

WinDS Pro includes all the drivers you need to run it fluently. You can also customize the application with skins, backgrounds and some other extra resources.

WinDS Pro updates itself periodically for solving the little problems that the developers finds.