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For what are you going to use the program?
  • im am going to use it to play games with my lovely friends when they come from work or school. i really enjoy playing with them and we have fun

  • Personal use for hosting Minecraft servers without the need to port-forward. This is just a placeholder because it's kinda stupid to require this.

What do you like most about this program?
  • server connectivity is the best about logmein hamachi.we can connect many people from any part of the state. truely amazing featured server app.

  • Free and good for connected with my friends to played multiplayer game I loved this so much thank you all development who do this program for us

  • Its free and allows us to use a virtual private network which is faster when playing games together. I have been using it for years but i had a problem with the last installation thats why im installing the current version

Some years from now there are many Internet users that are enjoying the benefits of Hamachi: an integrated service that allows creating virtual networks to connect several computers. LogMeIn Hamachi is a complete system that let you manage connection data remotely, to any of these Hamachi networks.

LogMeIn Hamachi generates a “Virtual Private Network”, mostly known as VPN. Doing this, two or more computers can interpret that they are working in the same structure, although they are in a distance of thousand miles.

This way is possible to play online games on LAN mode, exchange files or directly access to any of the PC that are connected (of course, depending on the security measures that have been assumed).

LogMeIn Hamachi has no restrictions because it can´t be blocked by firewall, antivirus, or any protection software, including routers and switches.

Trial Version Limitations:

-Some functions are restricted.