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Transformers 3 Theme for Windows 7

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get realistic looking transformers on you pc in a single click

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, December 15, 2014

transformers theme is an app that generates the transformers series theme to use as your desktop background instead of having to look for them in the internet. It is so easily built and offers upgrades every time a new transformers movie is launched. The tool has a vast select of pictures to choose from, with each and every one being a classy type. The tool offers two types of themes one being from the side of the good and the other from the side of the evil.

The latest one being the themes fro the moon series where all decepticons are being hunted down. The tool not only features the robots but also the starring humans, an upgrade will give you extra themes like the ancestor decepticons which were t rex and teradactos. For all fans of the transformers you will find this very useful since it is updated every time a new movie is about to launch, hence you will have a glimpse of what to expect.

on the other side this tool doesnt have each and every theme that you will see in the movie. It will offer abou 20 to 30 themes and you cant set all of them as your background, you will have to choose one but you can change it with your liking, it also installs a folder with all the themes and you can use any image viewer to choose the one you like. It is absolutely free this is after you have downloaded it, you will never be requires to pay anything to use it.


This is like a bonus to everybody who like the transformers and would like their theme, you can also use the themes generated to print posters of your liking


  • it is very easy to use
  • it is free of charge


  • none i have found .
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Are you a fan of Transformers? You liked the latest sequel, Dark of the Moon released this June? And plus, you’re a Windows 7 user? Then Transformers 3 Theme for Windows 7 is definitely a theme for your computer.

The realistic graphics of Transformers 3 Theme for Windows 7 and pictures match completely Windows 7 performances and it loses nothing of its elegant and classy looks. The theme contains various desktop wallpapers that change every few minutes, which is a typical Windows 7 theme feature.

The theme creators and designers paid much attention to details and you will be able to enjoy your theme no matter whether you just look at your desktop or browse through different windows. Transformers 3 Theme for Windows 7 got it all covered. Sit back and relax in the Transformers world on your computer!