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Men of War: Assault Squad 1.3

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A World War 2 real time strategy game expansion pack for Men of War

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

Men of War is a real time strategy game published by Digitalmindsoft and released by IC Company. The game is based on the combat events surrounding World War 2, and thus features the Allies and Axis power nations of Russia, Germany, Japan and USA. As an expansion set, Men of War: Assault Squad will add to the game features of the original Men of War. These add-ons include the nations of Great Britain and Japan, as well as 15 new missions and additional combat units.

In Men of War Assault Squad, gamers will have control over infantry and tank combat units. Gameplay can be in single player, multi-player or co-op mode. Assault Squad has Skirmish mode which can be played offline. Now, you don’t have to be online to play Men of War. One of the things I like about this game is that you can exercise direct control over any single combat unit in the field. I also noticed that the game is like a combat simulation software, where all aspects of the battle are monitored by the software, which includes line of sight, tank combat, tank fuel, infantry movements and ammunition and so much more. Another aspect that I like about Assault Squad that I like is that the game physics involving the penetration of projectiles on tank armor is very realistic. The software’s physics compute for type of projectile, range, angle, speed and so much more. This results in amazingly realistic impact hits on tank units.

Overall, Men of War: Assault Squad is a great standalone, expansion set for Men of War that avid players of the game should download and experience.


  • Software features new countries, tanks and units
  • Excellent game physics allow for added realism on projectile trajectories and projectile impacts
  • Exciting game play permits players to hone their strategic skills in offline


  • The game can be slow to respond to controls at times



FX Interactive returns to transport us to the Second World War in this fantastic strategy game

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, January 18, 2016

Assault Squad builds on the gameplay mechanics of the original title, but enhancing precisely one of its most striking aspects: infantry squads. This means that during the course of the battles, will command a small group of soldiers - together or form individualizada- specialized in different types of combat, and that we must combine efficiently to survive the strife. Hence it is so important to try to keep them all alive, as this is not your typical strategy game in which you train combat units without stopping and spears wildly at the enemy. Every move, every shot must be sufficiently calculated to avoid falling under fire, and this tension is what gets the Men of War is such a special title.

This Assault Squad proposes overcome a series of battlefields formed by various control points that we try to conquer to stand up with the victory. But here the battles will be fought as they would in real life, which means that the enemy, whenever possible, will fight to regain areas lost. Every soldier in our platoon has own skills and inventory. Multiplayer Assault Squad significantly extends the game. either in cooperative arrangements with other users that we face other armies, or in competitive play.


  • great innovations with respect to the original Men of War
  • this game has a very good gameplay


  • this game can be tricky for beginners




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to have fun and repaly the biggest tank-battles in World-War II. I hope, the campaign isn't that much tricky for a beginner like me. Is a great game :D

  • to play the game because i have seen many great youtube videos and have always planned on playing this game honestly id wanted to try it myself

  • To enjoy it because i was looking too long for it since i cant afford it on steam bc of some stupid bug so yeah imma download it from you my friends

  • Entertainment for my self incase i get bored at Home. Because there are no game in my Laptop so decided to download this amazing game for free

  • Entertainment purposes because i need to have fun once in a while and i also like war games so this game is perfect plus diplexheated plays it

What similar programs have you used?
  • D.modded editor battles with the star_wars galaxy at war mod(look that up on the youtube channel of diplex heated and you will see what it is

  • no other games but thanks for leting me donwload this game here i spreciate thet this is free thank you god bless you are the best and i hope you prosper

What do you like most about this program?
  • its awsome games the are super fun and at a low to no cost thank you so much for the men of war assult squad 1.3 i cant wait to play it u r awesome

  • the real-time tactical simulation capabilities, very unique and engaging combat. I enjoy this kind of game that combines strategy and a fun take on history

  • pret much ever thing but i want yall to mack a few a just ments but after that i will not say four but five stars and i really like this site

  • its the best game i ever played in my whole life and i love the united states of america war that they will defeaat the japan and germans th

  • it is world war 2 and i love world war 2 dillemas germans sovjets americans england all countries are here in this game so yeah im wander vier

All the action and strategy of the Second World War returns with a new title in the Men Of War series, and we have it available for you. Discover a new way to sharpen your mind and raise your adrenaline with Men of War: Assault Squad.

In this real-time military strategy software, you will have at your command entire armies or individual units from Germany, Russia, USA and Japan. The action takes place in historical scenarios, where tactics and your mental agility will be crucial for victory.

Your progress and completed goals in Men of War: Assault Squad will be recognized with points, which will serve you to increase your troops. Soldiers, specialists, artillery and armored vehicles will strengthen your ability to control and to exterminate the enemy.

The realistic 3D graphics, sound effects and level of difficulty reach a higher level in this installment. Men of War: Assault Squad is specially designed for non-stopping fun. Download it now!