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Winstep Nexus Dock 12.2

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If you are tired of seeing always the same Windows face and start all your tasks in an identical way, might be time for you to move to Winstep Nexus Dock, the program that will completely change the way you see and work with Windows Operative System.

Winstep Nexus Dock is what is known as a "dock": a utility that serves to "fasten" your programs and favorite functions, being available to be released as soon as you want.

The substantial improvement in relation to other "docks" is that this utility contains a stunning visual package with high density icons, special effects, semitransparencies and more.

In addition, Winstep Nexus Dock is completely customizable, it automatically updates itself, it fits to the screen size, and much more. This is a great option to renew your computer without quitting performance.