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Adobe Flash Builder Premium 4.7

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • desktop application for hospital in various cities,all over the will be very helpful for both doctors and patients .Basically for the patient

  • test bluetooth native extension can work in android or iphone device , because it is said the the old version of flash builder has some bug inside

  • For edit videos in my computer. It will be used for small presentations. No needed for anything more. It's something temporary while migrating to HTML5

  • Understanding the use of actionscript in applications and being able to create games and other utilities over several numbers and types of platforms

  • I want to use it for building animations for myself and for others why is the text too short this is qiite rather nonsensical don't you think

What do you like most about this program?
  • I would like to build animations for developing games and interactive videos in 3d and 2d and boost up my animation skills by using this builder.

  • admire by the developmtthatent the they wa put in in and thhe continuity that that wad pt i tha program, sowe can build another thins into it

  • yes it is good and very interesting Programming.especially In Mobile Application and Web Development in Private and public Institutes.Thank you.

Adobe Flash Builder Premium is the tool that Adobe makes available to developers so that they can create applications using Flex, the open programming language hosted by that company.

Flex was created for taking advantage of the capabilities of Flash in building rich Internet applications. The difference between this platform and similar others is that this provides an excellent integrated working environment, not only focused on the interface but also utilities and web apps.

Adobe Flash Builder Premium supports several programming languages, like HTML, PHP and ASP, which guarantees a practical way to add different types of functions.

Beyond the potential of Flex, Adobe Flash Builder Premium includes an utilities package (such as debuggers, for example) and integrates with Adobe's Creative Suite.

Trial Version Limitations:

-You will be able to use it only for 60 days.

-Nag screen.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

- Java Virtual Machine 1.5 previously installed.