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Android SDK 24.4.1

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Android SDK free to use and make any android application you can think of.

By James Meyette

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

Android is one of the leading Operating systems for mobile devices, since the release in 2008 Android has grown a significant amount, Android its self is easy to use and just keeps getting better features as it goes.

Android SDK allows developers who use the Java Programming language to make different applications for the Android Operating System, being that it gives you access to all native functionalities there is not a lot that cannot be done while programming for Android using the Android SDK anything that a developer can think up can be done with the proper commands.

With many other options out there for developers who program in other languages Android SDK is still the best tool to use if you are a Java programmer or development team and being that it is free to use there is no reason not to go about doing so.

In conclusion, if you are looking to make an application for the Android Operating system then I suggest you look into using the Android SDK even if that means picking up the Java programming language.


  • Clean interface(Nothing less expected from a Google product)
  • Ability to use the SDK to make any application for android that you can dream up


  • requires you to know the Java programming language
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • learn on how to develop mobile applicatios this will anabe me to excel in my career of interest and also to enhance my skills in the same field.

  • learning new things and discover android world to be good at study in college projects ,because i want to graduate early with high grades to get good job

  • to making androids program of google services. i like it so much.thanks for your good is really perfect.i want to download it now..

  • Unlocking Bootloader Instructions Take the following steps to Unlock your Device's Bootloader. Please make sure all items are installed and up to date

  • to configurate my androide phone in order to increase the eficcience of my mobile and recuperate some things thata i losted, and release its improve

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used java development kit for programming java in windows 10 and also previos version of sdk that I had downloaded it from your websites and servers

What do you like most about this program?
  • very powerful and useful for many android developers, I am very amazed with this tool because of its features, unlike other development tool

  • This program is very useful for creating mobile applications, especially for progamadores , even if they can not download it from the page of google .

  • unlocking my forgotten password on phone, which helps because i will not loose any data using this software. SDK is a very good software and it works weell.

  • factory reset my android system for my smartphone so i needed to flash those think this can help me to solve my problems with andr

  • Androind sdk is a good software, its usable, reliable and accessable to all at anytime. I would like to encourange other programmers to use android sdk

Android SDK is the official application development package for Android, the Operative System for mobiles and tablets that is all the rage.

Basically this package includes a set of basic tools that allows the developers to start producing their ideas. Beyond the space dedicated for writing code, you can find a very important documentation volume available to check it the time you need.

With Android SDK is also possible to test the created code and know where does it have problems, because it includes debugging tools and mobile simulators of different trademarks and models.

Android SDK also offers several code samples as example that can help you working as an inspiration by the time you are developing an application. This is definitely an essential package for those who need to build utilities that work on the most advanced mobile Operative System of the marketplace.