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B1 Free Archiver 1.5.86

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The archiving of files is similar to make them available for compression. This process is a great way to save space on a computer system. One software we would recommend for the archiving of files is B1 Free Archiver.

B1 Free Archiver makes it very simple for anyone including those who have never archived a file before to start the process. The dragging and dropping of files into the archiving process is supported. The selection mode can be initiated with hotkeys as well. The integration to the system menu can be switched off but we recommend you leave it on.

B1 Free Archiver fully understood that most archived files are encrypted which is why the ease of decryption is an essential part of the software. The reverse process that is the extraction of contents from an archived file is supported.


What do you like most about this program?
  • Can compress file into smallest tha the others archiver. Very Powerfull. Its also free so we can use it without pay any charge. I like this.


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