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FIFA 12 Fast Start 1.0

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  • playing football enjoying stay away from being bored tell friends to download this game so that they can keep themselves busy in most timers

As with many action-packed, sports-themed game, introduction videos can be long and wearing on your nerves. Watching the video over and over again, just to play the game is incredibly annoying. However, you can rid yourself of this annoyance with FIFA 12 Fast Start.

FIFA 12 Fast Start is a unique patch for FIFA 12 to improve the way the game starts by speeding up the onset of the introduction video or skipping it altogether. You can automatically select the language of your choice or just skip to the main menu.

FIFA 12 Fast Start makes it incredibly easy for you to start your game without the need to watch the entire introduction video. This can easily be done by simply applying the patch to modify your existing FIFA12 rna.ini file.