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Naruto Game 1.0

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Be The Strongest, Be The Bravest And Be the Greatest Ninja Ever

By Beatrice Tan

On Thursday, October 9, 2014

I was 12 when I started to love Naruto until it became my most favorite anime show. I just really love how the story flourishes every after episode, giving every viewer the excitement of what’s going to happen next and if there would be new characters or enemies to show or not. The first 220 episodes of Naruto are the best ones for me. Real combat and fight scenes were really excellent and it just brought the anime show to its highest peak of thrill.

This Naruto Game is so simple to use. I was amazed because the game play is so simple. In this, users are given the chance to control Naruto, who seeks to become the leader and to show that he’s the strongest of all by defeating all the enemies that he encounters with. This game offers a lot of techniques in fighting all the enemies. This will surely be loved by all the Naruto fans out there because this game is challenging and really exciting. Graphics are not that very good but the game play is simple. Users got to kill the entire antagonists to go to the next quest.

Give this a try and you will surely enjoy it.


  • There are many fighting techniques
  • This is so simple to play


  • There are only limited designs and graphics



Naruto Game puts you in direct control of your favorite animated series superhero as you try your best to overcome numerous enemies. It is an exciting and challenging play experience that will particularly appeal to those who love the animated series.

Installation of the Naruto Game is quick and simple, with just a few clicks to get the ball program installed and running. Once installed and running users will be able to immediately jump into game action, and begin enjoying themselves right away.

Naruto Game features a wide range of combat techniques and special abilities that fans of the animated series will have come to love. The purpose of the game is to defeat as many ninja enemies as possible in order to complete the quest. This game is recommended for all types of users.