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By Reka Gimbi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

Every person likes to cook a good delicious and healthy meal. To some people even the chefs is difficult sometimes but there are apps which provide the recipes and menu to help out in this. CookDiary is an app to use. Designed for all users, CookDiary is a program developed to be used by all users interested in the chef duties to use in their cooking. It has unique functionality and has a database of recipes to help you. Its interface is intuitive and has a simple design but with additional amenities that are found in standard printed cookbooks meaning it is advanced even for professional users. It allows you to browse multiple recipes included or you can synchronize your dishes from CookDiary through Microsoft Sky Drive, making you have all your recipes in one place. There are many features in CookDiary including scaling your ingredients in the supermarket, the use of the cooking assistance in the kitchen, and also creating a shopping list from your recipe.

To improve your cooking and recipes Download CookDiary and create a shopping list from your recipes plus experience a chef in your kitchen.


  • It can be used by all.
  • Ability to synchronize your own dishes from CookDiary through Microsoft Sky Drive.
  • It has a easy intuitive interface.


  • It needs improvements in the layout.
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CookDiary is an application designed for the chef. This means that whether you are a novice cook in the kitchen, preparing meals for the first time your new home, or a professional chef in a modern restaurant or private environment, you will be a will to use this application and benefit from its unique functionality and database of recipes.

The feature-rich CookDiary application offers an intuitive and simple design, and provides much more than just a cookbook. There are also additional amenities that one would only find in a standard printed cookbook, and meal provision suggestions.

CookDiary is a fantastic application that provides immediate and quick access for any level of chef, and further is laid out in a direct manner much like a cookbook. There are no confusing tables, spreadsheets, or direct database interactivity required in order to operate this program.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

- Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or later must be previously installed.