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Dolphin 3.0.635

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Dolphin is a software prepared for allowing you emulate your Wii games on the computer, with all the functions of the original console.

In addition to Wii, this program is also compatible with the Gamecube and Triforce (the arcade version of the Wii) consoles. The important thing is that it is capable of running the games regardless of the format in which they are stored (physical disks, virtual images, WAD files, etc.).

It is good to clarify that Dolphin is a software and, therefore, is ready to logically run the games. However, everyone knows that Wii has special joysticks and special controllers that have to do with the hardware level. Although this utility emulates them, it is possible that many titles will be not supported.

Anyway, Dolphin is a great alternative for all those people who want to have some of the latest generation of Nintendo consoles in your PC.


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