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Don’t Let The World Be Invaded by Aliens Gordon Freeman!

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

Trying to save the world? Well I believe this is one of the many dreams of kids nowadays due to the influence of the hero shows on television. But what if I’ll tell you that you can be the hero that you want to be with this game? Would you believe me?

Well, this action game is really exciting. There is something special on it that makes it excellent. In this game, users will act as Gordon Freeman, who used to be the character of the first version, who will undergo missions with just one big goal: To save the world. This new version is really thrilling because of the outstanding tactics Gordon can do. Eliminating aliens gets hard as gamers move on to the next missions. There is nothing to worry about because there are a lot of weapons to use as gamers pass through in every level. I have observed that graphics just got even better with this edition and the special effects are awesome I shall say.

I recommend everyone to give this a try. It will make every gamers come up with intelligent techniques to win all the missions.


  • New exciting weapons are added
  • Special effects are of high quality


  • Some levels are dull and repetitive



Gordon Freeman returns to the adventures in Half Life 2 the second part of one of the most popular games in history.

In Half Life 2 the story remains equally captivating: the arrogance of a group of scientists working in the laboratory of Black Mesa ended in a disastrous dimensional instability, which opened the doors of our world to a plague of bloody creature. Dr. Freeman, of course, is the only one that has everything is needed to stop them.

Half Life 2 means the debut of Source Engine, an exceptional graphic engine, which guarantees the quality of the visual aspect. For the rest, everything is action and adventure, so you should begin to enjoy it.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

-1.7 Ghz. Processor

-512GB RAM needed

Trial Version Limitations:

-Some functions are restricted.