3D River Storm 2 1.0 screenshot

3D River Storm 2 1.0

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If you love helicopters, then this game is created especially for you! 3D River Storm 2 is an arcade helicopter shooter game for mobile phones.

You can pilot the helicopter gunship. It features an exciting mission that you must perform. You would have limited time to accomplish the tasks, so it would really be a great exciting game you can enjoy in the palm of your hands. This game has several languages that you can choose from, and that include Spanish and English. It also has high quality multi resolution. 3D River Storm 2 will be a racing through an endless weave of enemies that would try to shoot you down. Every level gets tough with new obstacles that would just make everything more interesting.

3D River Storm 2 is a JAVA game that would definitely get you excited with ever obstacle you encounter. It is a very fun game that you can enjoy on your very own mobile phone.