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ZombieBooth 4.11

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customize your zombies even create some blood and marks on their faces

By John Joe

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

If you can get creative then zombie booth is the best application that you need to develop your skills for creating a zombie. I must start by congratulating the developers for this because I was wondering how I could develop zombies and yet it is not my proffesion.The zombies that you are going to create they are in 3d form and therefore you are going to like it a lot. Just as the zombies look that they have blood on their teeth and their mouth you can also develop yours that way so that it can look like a real zombie and you can add effects such as scars which shows that zombies can sometimes get hurt when they are trying to get something by force.


It has 3 d animation

You do not require any skills in creating zombies

It works with portraits

It is simple to know how to create the zombies

It is a creativity game


Develop zombies the way you want.


  • it made me a lot of courage
  • it enhances your creativity skills


  • it is like a horror game
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define here your creativity by creating real time zombies by developing some effects on them

By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014


As the name suggests the game is all about the zombies.Creativity here is defined because as a player you create a zombie and you make it look real by creating scars on its body and also make it have blood stains on its mouth and this makes it look more real and I mean this looks so real.You can also create fresh eating zombies which can make some noises and also have some breath.The first time I was playing this game I could not believe it as the game looked as if I was in a land inhabited by zombies.Play this and open your creativity at the same time get scared by how the zombies look like.


The following are the features of zombie booth

One can create zombies

One can create a zombie into a flesh eating zombie.

3d graphics

Good soundtrack.


I love this game download it to have fun.


  • has some stunning graphics that make it seem real.
  • has a very good soundtrack.


  • cannot work on full size photos
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Convert your cute face into flesh eating monsters with ZombieBooth

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, July 21, 2014

ZombieBooth is a fun time application that lets you create zombie avatars of you and your dearest without knowing any advanced Photoshop techniques. The app contains a set of pre-installed zombie effects using which you can convert a cute face into a flesh eating monster.

ZombieBooth application looks very cartoony in user interface, but the final results of your photos look very realistic, 3D animated. You can add effects like wounds, scars and bloody mouth to face to your zombie. The only requirement is proper lighting in photographs.Then only dark facial effects will be visible. Also keep in mind that ZombieBooth works only with portraits and not on full photos.The software will not add everything automatically its own and you may have to make minor adjustments.

Overall, ZombieBooth is a good time pass and also a good way to show off your creativity. It can burst laughter among your circles. Just try it, you will definitely like it!


  • A lot of built-in effects to work
  • Simple cartoony user interface available
  • No image editing experience needed


  • Cannot work on full size photos
  • You will not get desired effects always
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • A.for personal use to make some of my pictures look like zombies. Would love to scare people children friends animals and any other living gthing.

  • on filmes,videos ,entertanment for every thing that is based in future,i can even aplicate in musics,photos,comedies,dramas,even on creating

  • for editing my all photos to impress my friends all over and to some extent win there hearts that when am annoyed i usually change to be a bad guy who is unstoppable

  • B.for personal use to make some of my pictures look like zombies. Would love to scare people children friends animals and any other living gthing.

  • I will use it to create Halloween pictures. Zombies are the best monster to be for a scare event. All of the kids will love watching their face change.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Unity, game creator and a vast majority of free, also trial based game making programs. I like to make games during my spare time. It's fun.

What do you like most about this program?
  • my family sit and make photos up for hours on end we have lots of fun doing this we also have competions with the kids to see who makes up the best pic

  • mocking politicians has just become fun again. Anyone can convert the smarmy idiots into the real deal zombie infected nation that they are.

  • its really cool and fun making people into a zombie i never knew this type of app was available i cant wait to see wat else is out there like this one

Zombies are a huge thing today. You can see them in popular TV series like Walking Dead and movies like Dawn of the Dead. You can also find zombies in a lot of popular games such as Plants vs. Zombies and the Resident evil files. People always like how the reincarnated flesh eating zombies are amusing them in a daily basis. Now, what if you are the zombie? Ever wondered what you would look like if you’re a zombie? With Zombie Booth, this is possible.

Zombie Booth is a fun program where you can transform your pictures and turn them into a 3D flesh eating zombie. You can even record videos to share it on YouTube or send it to your friends to laugh about. The zombies you create will act as a real zombie. They’ll eat; make noises and even breath as you look into your zombie self.

Zombie Booth allows you to use your normal mobile phone and digital camera images and turn them into 3D zombies. Download it now and enjoy this fun program.