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Rainmeter 2.5.1

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Often, the computer is a real mystery: you listen to everybody saying that something is "light" or "heavy", but each PC is a different world, and everything depends on the use you give to it.

Rainmeter it is a very particular application, that absolutely monitors all the components of your computer and lets you know the consumption of each one of them in a precise way.

In short, with Rainmeter you will have immediate references, because each one of the monitors is located in the Windows desktop and they are completely independent. This means that you have the chance to leave only those who you like and close the rest, without complicating the application work.

Rainmeter is visually amazing: all skins have fantastic designs, but at the same time, it is possible to combine them (i.e. you can have a monitor in a skins package and combine it with the resources of another different package).

Monitor all your system and change the image of your computer with Rainmeter.