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Facebook Phishing Protector 2.0

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Facebook Phishing Protector is a Mozilla Firefox plug-in that protects your computer form potential attacks you may get while you are on the social network Facebook.

Even though Facebook is a serious and completely safe social network, there are some weaknesses that can be used to spread some malware. For instance, those links that seemingly take you to some kind of private video of a celebrity actually take you to malware websites which, at the same time duplicate through your Facebook wall.

Therefore, Facebook Phishing Protector is a very solid security system since it prevents unwanted redirectioning, warning the user about this move and asking for a decision.

Therefore, Facebook Phishing Protector is not invasive or bothering at all since it only appears when necessary. However, it is an amazing plug-in to protect your computer.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

-Mozilla Firefox previously installed.