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GTA IV SuperMan Mod 2.0

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What do you like most about this program?
  • because i love superman it has so many things to do and gta 4 is also very intrusting game thats whay i am going to download this mod into it

Whoever played GTA IV knows that it is impossible to get bored of Niko Bellic, his cousin Roman and the rest of the characters. However, everything comes to an end. So, why not give to a more heroic air?

GTA IV SuperMan Mod is a patch that allows your GTA IV to star Superman, the main hero of DC Comics.

If you think about it, GTA IV SuperMan Mod makes sense. Liberty City is very similar to Metropolis. What could be better than flying from one place to another to save the day?

With GTA IV SuperMan Mod, the last son of Kripton becomes the star of the game. Download it right now!

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

-GTA IV previously installed.