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iPhone simulator 1.0

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imitate the appearnace of an iphone with this application and see whether you can get one

By John Joe

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

one thing that we know is that an iphone is a very expensive phone to buy and some people like myself do not see the essence of buying a phone for so much money like up to $2000 to spenf on buying an iphone.An iphone simulator is an application that was developed so that people can see and test the funtionalities of an iphone and then from this they can judge whether to buy an iphone o not.

The functionalities that are found in this application are itunes,ringtones,notes and mnay more features and basically how an iphone works and when you see that it excites you then you can decide and go and buy the original phone and test all the funtions that you were seeing in the simulator i think it is the best thing that can ever happen because as you go to the shop to buy the real thing you already have some idea of what it is all about.


  • shows you how a real iphone works
  • it has even some itunes and ringtones of an iphone


  • it is only a simulator
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • checking whether it works correctly or not , nothing else i will try to run application in simulator instead of using real mobile device.thats all.

  • A.checking whether it works correctly or not , nothing else i will try to run application in simulator instead of using real mobile device.thats all.

  • testing my own application in the iOS safari browser, from iPhone 4 to current version of iOS so all the users can visit my website without any hassle.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used a magnificent and lovely version of the app thats also known as the ipa file called iphone or itablet material in genereal to that

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like everything about this app, it helps me with my education whenever i dont have an iphone or smartphone to use for my home work or assigment

iPhone simulator is an application that mimic the real iPhone with the same exact tool and features on any computer system. The simulator can be used by normal users to test the functionalities of the iPhone and by developers to test new iPhone applications. It is important to note that these tested applications cannot be installed on the simulator. Therefore, the simulator replicates only the working functionalities of the iPhone except the phone functionalities.

With iPhone simulator, some of the most well known iPhone application such as the Notes, iTunes, and App Store can be tested just like with the real phone. The interface is exactly similar to the iPhone with the same shape and background. In order to access all the applications, the users have to drag the cursor from left to right just like the “slide to unlock” functionality.

The iPhone simulator is the best iPhone simulator on the market and is a must have for people thinking buying the phone.