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Songr Portable 1.9.40

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  • free music, easily accessible and easy to download. Can be used by computer illiterate individuals with no fuss as quite self explanatory unlike others

With Songr Portable, it is now easy for music lovers to get their music directly to their desktop. There is no more need for torrents, P2Ps, and other middle parties. Songr Portable is the ultimate song download application for everyone.

The way the application works is that it first looks up user entered keywords in search engines. The application looks for single songs or entire albums. When results are found, Songr Portable stores the songs or albums into a file for the users to listen to. Since the files are automatically converted, there is no need to download a special media player.

Songr Portable features an advanced search option set by artist or even lyrics. To make things better, the users are able to preview songs found just to make sure the search result was the expected one.