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ACCDB Password Recovery 1.3

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to use this program, to serach password of my accdb file, whitch was created by myself long ago. but now i have forgotern it. Thanks

  • unlock my dbase file whitch i forgot and cannot be remebered form my stupid brain which was not inuf clever to rember it, or just write it down

  • forgot my log on password for school management software can it be recovered its urgent and important for our school would be grateful if you

  • i forget the password. while this is important file that i must open for work business. I hope this software really helpful, because I am stack

  • opening a file that i created a few years ago and forgot the password for since then. this is my own privite file on my computer and wish to view it again

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used accesspv to try and access a locked database file but it would not do it so I about to try this piece of software which hopewill

  • free hack dbs but not work, iwish this program it work to solve my problem to oprn database accdb pasword thankyou before for this software ok

  • visual basic script i used to program in the windows 7 ulimate operating system with my laptop ibm think pad in office its very help ful to daily

  • isumsoft along with other softwares that claim to do the same thing. but, they all want some money to do the job unless your password is onl

  • accdb password revovery on the web online upload download software, dodnt work, some are expensive, they want me to pay, bu i dont have any money, thanks for your help, you saved a life

What do you like most about this program?
  • Its ability to remove passwords from access databases in spite of what has been said by Microsoft. How this is done is the most interessting thing without violating the other things

  • very fast password recovery process. and at the end, it cost zero price. very excellent thank you very much for this kind of kindness that y share

  • I am happy that this software can actually help recover lost password, because sometimes we all do forget things and it is good to have such


  • good and i thinks it should be free for other program that update from the same developer with several most function than can make user easy to used

Looking for a password recovery software? Adding passwords to folders and for your computer is a way to keep your privacy to yourself. Obviously these files are very important to you and you want to keep then to yourself or give access to those who you want to show the files to. There are a lot of password recovery programs out there but there are only a few that you can really count on. ACCDB Password Recovery is one of them.

The ACCDB Password Recovery is a special Windows password recovery software. The program will help you reset or remove the forgotten passwords for Microsoft Office files. The program has a user friendly interface and it really is very easy to use. It doesn’t use much CPU usage.

The ACCDB Password Recoveryis the password recovery software for all your Microsoft Office needs. Download it now and enjoy.