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For what are you going to use the program?
  • fun active game not bored learning really love this game so much favourite game making family had it before but got shut down because updated computer

  • I will be going off to college in a few months and would like a fun game to play. My computer does not have a cd spot so I need to download.

  • i am going to play it till i pass out is that long enough for you or does it need to be longer like a freakin paragraph or something else huh

  • For relaxation during my free time. I believe that The Sims 3 Showtime are great to be used in that matter. I've alwayse wanted to have them.

  • I've previously liked the sims games and wanted to give this one a try as it could be the exact thing ive been wanting, i have most of the other expansion packs

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used the ocean of games, but apart from that o dont really use this sort of stuff for alot, i hope its as good though because it seems great!

  • Well other than sims 3 i have also played sims 4 but wasn't impressed with it as a lot of components were missing. Stuff like toddlers, hospitals etc

  • sims 3 plus several of the expansion packs including late night, which is similar to showtime. i want showtime so i can create a singer sim.

  • i havent really used anything else..hopefully yours will be the best and i look forward to coming back for more game downloads so thank you very much i appreciate it.

  • the sims 3 show time expansion pack is what I have downloaded that is very similar to this thing that I am now getting. softonic and also others

What do you like most about this program?
  • That its my favorite game and I like playing it I barely have any expansions and it would be cool to get this one cause I need it really bad

  • It may cure my boredom but I need a lot more characters so I'll just keep typing. I still have like 40 left so yeah. I'm bored and this feels stupid.

  • It's free, that's pretty nice. I'd rather not pay $20 for another ex pac when I've already bought a lot of other ones. Hopefully this is worth it.

  • awesome,created,friends,summerfun,work hard,cooking,playing in the pool,swimming,cool,great,look so much fun,singing,perfect and alot of people

  • Its a fun program that has given me many hours of enjoyment. I bought every other expansion pack and decided I am not going to spend another $20 on this

The Sims games have been popular to many ever since it was created. Many people just can’t stop playing this simulation game because you can build an avatar that looks and acts just like you. The good thing about games today, you can play it for a very long time. The Sims 3 Showtimeis one game that you will go crazy playing it.

The The Sims 3 Showtime is special simulation game and the sixth expansion pack for the popular Sims game. The game will allow you to create Star performers doing tours across the world. You can even perform special shows in your friend’s town if you’re connected in the internet. The game has amazing graphics and has Katy Perry theme.

The The Sims 3 Showtime is the game that you should try playing. Download it now and enjoy.