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The Sims 3 World Adventures




Create your own Sim character and runs through the neighborhood looking for fun

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The objective of The Sims as such, is to simulate life, yes, have a character with a personality, a set of aspirations and goals, make it live in a city, to work, socialize, many things we do in real life It is interesting to see how a game emulates many of the situations of our daily lives.


The game consists of a base, expansion packs and accessory packages package, the first is the main core of the game, it are the core basics of the game and without this package or base game can not install the other packages. The package expansions are subsequently launched by the creators and they add new features to the game as functions and interactions based gaming worlds, characters, etc. And the mainly accessory packages add new items to the game and of course interactions with them.

The Simis 3 with respect to the previous versions has three major attractions:. An open neighborhood, attributes much more complex and improved and more realistic graphics personality (Keep in mind that the quality of the graphics vary depending on how you administer memory graph, if you work with a graphics card and Nvidia, it will provide a better experencia in game viewing) As for the speed, the more advanced the processor and more RAM you have, we will have a much more optimized game performance.

The neighborhood, the views and the system Games

Now this game loads throughout the first quarter so that when you play do not have to wait for it to load any urban lot, so you can navigate entire your city even your sim at home, the camera gives you a view of maps showing you maximized area of ​​the city or neighborhood in which you play, tag public places depending on the activities to which they are intended. For example, lots of other people, public places such as parks and restaurants, etc.

Your dream of going to visit other sims finally come true, you can always visit and where a good time and if the sims are at home on the plot of other families, the game changed the way you play it, although previous versions were for families, only the inhabitants of the lot you played got older and went, now The Sims 3 (abbreviated LS3), allow you to play games, where you choose the main family where you play but the whole city changes your own pace, regardless of other sims not come to your lot, their lives continue and carry out their daily activities, so you might want to visit from time to cash them in when, as sometimes can die, because that's life! If you had a friend, the same game will warn you of his death.


  • New options to create a more realistic sim
  • Now personality is something we could say realist


  • Some problems occur with the expansions




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Sending my sim on a lovely holiday. And maybe getting rid of her wife in the ocean "by accident". Whoops! I suppose the mermaids look cool, too.

  • I am going to use this program to keep me occupied on car rides, long travels, and just for when im sitting at home by myself when i have nothing else to do

  • to play my sims 3 games on my computer why this qusetion for. its a video game that i really like i have the sims 3 night life supernatural.

  • to broaden my horizons in the sim world and enhance my enjoyment of all things. Including creating sims, building buildings and having a good time

  • to send my sims on adventures and having fun. I love this game but sadly lost it when i moved home so i have been actively searching for it ever since

What similar programs have you used?
  • google chrome, netflix, firefox, youtube, facebook, bebo, tumblr, twitter, origin, sims 3, mass effect 4, roseellendix, pirate bay, until daw

  • no similar program it is Origin pc keys for various other sims 3 expansion packs plus ea games website. Need to use some other sites to get the downloadable expansions for free

  • The Sims 3. I have used the base game together with a few other expansion packs. these include late night, island paradise and that's all...

  • Origin pc keys for various other sims 3 expansion packs plus ea games website. Need to use some other sites to get the downloadable expansions for free

  • Sims 2 in many expansion. I dont know what to write anymore. Thank you for letting me download the game. I will play it with a happy heart. Bye

What do you like most about this program?
  • Everything, the sims is an addicting game with a lot of potential and i feel like i don;t have enough games to be considered a simmer so yeah

  • the program is fun and it keeps me busy for hours. i never get bored because every day is an oppportunity for another story to be created through the game

  • VEry interesting, It kills boredom and keeps me stuck to my laptop.I play htis game whenever I can get a free time. Gives me ideas on what to

  • Gives me free stuff and downloads fast I also like how it lets me use up my words in this word count and sims 3 is old now so I should get these

  • cool fun and how it runs smoothly like a ice skater on ice, skating away in ammystial jounrey of self discovery to find themselves and others

Computer games have been popular to many ever since it was created. People all over the work play these games night and day because they are so addictive. The good thing about games today, you can play it anywhere. You can play it in the computer, laptop, game consoles, watches, portable gaming consoles and mobile phones. The Sims 3 World Adventures is one game that you will go crazy playing it.

The The Sims 3 World Adventures is a special strategic life simulation game. This new expansion of the Sims game will take the adventure into the world’s famous destinations. The game is very different from the rest of the Sims game because you can go on treasure hunting during your adventure to exotic destinations. There are new personality traits and skills on this game.

The The Sims 3 World Adventures is the game that you should try. Download it now and enjoy.