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Facebook Preview 1.55-1

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get all your notifications and messages as well as friend requests shown on the opera mini interface

By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

this great and wonderful application that is known as the facebook preview came to save as time that is wasted when a facebook user wants to check if they have any messages and they have to log into their facebook accounts using any browser whatsoever and then check if they have any notification,messages and any friend requests.Now if you have an opera mini web browser then you can intergrate this with facebook preview and be watching your everything just from your web broswer it shows you the following things your notifications,friend requests as well as the messages so when you get to see them then you get to facebook knowing what you are going to view but you must be in facebook to download this software and then it will intregrate with facebook without making any changes.So kindly download this and have such a wonderful time and never have any regrets


  • it does not make any changes to your system
  • it intergrates facebook with the opera mini browser


  • it is so simple oh my goodness!
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For people with the Opera web browser, Facebook Preview is a good application to read about. The application effectively integrates Facebook notifications into the Opera web browser. The notifications are exactly the same as what you see on Facebook.

Facebook Preview is able to display notifications, messages, and friend request sent from Facebook. Moreover, Facebook Preview is able to let you resize the Facebook logo. Thanks to Facebook Preview, there is no need to open the Facebook web page all the times.

All notifications can be automatically opened in Opera. So you might need to log into your Facebook account. Facebook Preview is non-intrusive and can be placed wherever you want it in your web browser. It is a good and convenient application that will keep you connected to Facebook.