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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play with my friends because we are very boried and we got nothing to do at our houses, thats why i want to download this day of defeat full version

  • To play with friends cause we get bored easily in school and itll be fun. plus WW2 shooters need to make a comeback and DOD i think on source 2 is the way to do it.

  • to play with my friends at school because we are bored and have nothing to do after we finish our work. Also its for a fundraiser for my computer class

In the European theatre of World War II, armies of the allies and the axis are fighting each other. Do you wish you could help the axis or the allies in their quest? Now you can thanks to Day of Defeat.

Day of Defeat is quite entertaining and requires a good strategy in order to accomplish your mission. First, you will be able to choose the army you will fight to fight with. The weapons are not that advanced for the sake of game period accuracy. This does not change the fact that the game is very entertaining.

The overall graphic and sound quality of the game is very in accordance with the game plot. The blooding spilling and falling combatant looks really realistic. All these assets are what make Day of Defeat a good game to try.