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CAD Password Recovery 1.1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I have a few files in .pla and .see format with multicharts I forgot the password so that's why i wish to use this software i am not using for hacking

  • I need this programme to unlock about 20 number drawing files which was password protected by my ex colleague and who has left our organization and unwilling to give us the password.

Looking for a password recovery software? Adding passwords to folders and for your computer is a way to keep your privacy to yourself. Obviously these files are very important to you and you want to keep then to yourself or give access to those who you want to show the files to. There are a lot of password recovery programs out there but there are only a few that you can really count on. CAD Password Recovery is one of them.

The CAD Password Recovery is a special Windows password recovery software. The program will help you recover forgotten passwords for AutoCAD DWG files. The program has a user friendly interface and it really is very easy to use. It doesn’t use much CPU usage. The program has special features that include a unique patent pending keyboard layouts aware recovery technique.

The CAD Password Recovery is the password recovery software for all your Microsoft Office needs. Download it now and enjoy.