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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I'm going to use this software to mark exams, obtain information about performance, collect mcq data in easy, fast, and reliable method. with fast results

  • For educational purposes. that is to enhance the learning experience of student and also guide them in the right procedures to undertake when going for an external examination.

  • class work quizzes in several classroom venues and then analyse the results using a spreadsheet, most likely excel but I can also use freeoffice

  • for personal practice. just to ensure the marking scheme.for better understanding and time saving. as main exams also use such kind of strategies to get results

  • for answer checking in the college exam and other data collections for research works and other various purposes which i want to be interest

What similar programs have you used?
  • I used a program called formscanner version 0.7.2 it seemed useful at first but then turned out to be not very useful and so hard to deal with

  • I have used many times before for scanning and recognition. it is most important software in test checking system. It reduce the time and effort.

  • I haven't really used any such software before. I work primarily with Jaspersofet Studio and PGadmin... and to be honest, you're expecting a bit too much characters of me, so, here, have some more as a bonus

  • we have used only flips omr at office 10 years back now want to use again so need this software. i hope it will work fine as we expected fro

  • No such software till date used. But we are in search of some software which is to be utilized for our school exams and students may learn OMR

What do you like most about this program?
  • yes . i like the program very much anf=d want to explore more on the priject so please enlighten me on the same my mail id is vij.naga.logic@gmail.com

  • your quality is superior.you provide app is free so thankyou verymuch. it is very easy comparison to other software . from this wecan make easily sheet.

  • You software for Optical Markup software is excellent, i have use at my friends houes and worked as per my requirements, it has the ability to process the data perfectly error free

  • i want to check omr sheets of my childs to be evaluated at home so that i could evaluate thier performance for competitive examinations of india.

  • after test i deside to use . is it usefull for us or not. beacuse it is very sensitive work . if any error held all purpose will erase in a moments

Looking for a data collection software? Want a program that can help you with your OMR or optical mark recognition? These programs are really important especially if you’re in the academic field. You need a program like Ogami OMR.

The Ogami OMR is a special program that will help you gather data using plain-paper forms and by optically recognizing bubble marks. This program will help you design and print your own optical mark recognition forms fast and easily. It can then process that marks for your test, survey and assessment using nothing more than a scanner. Wouldn’t that make things easier?

The Ogami OMR is the data collection software that you must get. Download it now and enjoy.