Wifislax 3.0.1 screenshot

Wifislax 3.0.1

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Wifislax is a Linux Operating System live CD that comes with lots of drivers and software. Indeed, most Linux live CD lacks the necessary drivers to bring you the ultimate Linux experience. This is not the case with Wifislax.

Once you install and run Wifislax, it will load the Linux desktop. The virtual Operating System then communicates with your installed hardware and adapts them to the Linux OS. You will be able to connect to the internet and do lots more things among others.

Another great aspect of Wifislax is that the CD includes the source code and scripts. Thus, advanced users can modify the source code to build their own Linux based OS. As you can see, few similar Linux live CDs have the same abilities and functionalities as Wifislax.


What similar programs have you used?
  • i don't know, because it's my first time to download this kind of a app so that's why i do't know what your taking about something and asking


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