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Putty Enhanced 1.0

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Putty sounds like a fun child’s toy, but it is actually a cool, interactive piece of software to use on your computer. In order to take full advantage of this program, you should download and install Putty Enhanced.

Putty Enhanced is a dedicated interface specifically for this program. It is comprehensive yet still easy enough to use for the beginner. In addition, it can handle all six versions of Putty, including Putty, Plink, PSCP, PSFTP, Puttygen, and Pageant.

Putty Enhanced will make your life a lot easier as it simplifies the system while still giving you full control. You can enter Pipe Commands that will run the program you specify in silent mode, as well as use the interface to pass on several arguments. For someone who is deeply involved in the power that Putty provides, this software is an extremely valuable and essential tool for your everyday life.