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Windows Media Player Plugin 2.6

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • university to watch movies at acourse called presentatielab. This course is about learning what the propper way is to present yourself in a presentation

  • Watching video's from blackboard and learning about how to do presentations and learn techniques. This program is needed to watch the videos.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i havent used any programs i am just using this one for school work now let me downloading it for christ sake and stop this chars left in ye

  • none i think, maybe word or something else. i have to type 82 chars more so thats what im doing right now ha. Have a good day and thanks for

Now with Windows Media Player Plugin, you will be able to watch videos in the Windows Media Player application in browsers other than Internet Explorer. The application is very easy to install and integrates automatically with any browser installed on your system.

The fact that you will need an administrator’s permission in order to run Windows Media Player Plugin does not change its convenience. Once the plug-in is installed and your system or browser has been restarted, any video requiring Windows Media Player to play should automatically start. It is that simple and there is nothing else you need to do but sit back and enjoy your videos.

Windows Media Player Plugin works for most if not all browsers on the market. It is definitely the best alternative for playing WMP videos on several platforms.