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Crusader Kings II 1.0

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  • The role playing and how good it feels to take control over a medieval dyansty and having mistress and bastards that can cause alot of trouble in thr

During Medieval Europe, the Crusades were rampant and caused many people to lose their lives. Kingdoms and cities were also destroyed in the process. Would you have had what it takes to be a hero in the Crusade era? Now you can try thanks to Crusader Kings II.

In the game, you will have the chance to fight in the crusades and increase your war bounty. The main weapon in Crusader Kings II is the sword. You will also have a shield with you when fighting. The more lands you acquire, the more power you will gain.

Crusader Kings II is full of obstacles including traitors. As you start winning more battles, your list of enemies will increase. In terms of visual and audio quality, the game keeps its promises.