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Ava Find 1.5.218

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Looking for a Great Search Tool? Here’s the Perfect Program

By Daren Garius

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This program speeds up your daily computing experience because it allows you to find any file or data on your computer in just a few seconds. With it, you can now search any video and music files by a simple click and without any hassle. Also, it can list my folders by size instantly so it makes my hard drive clean and very organize. On the other side, their Scout Bot feature allows me to discover downloaded files instantly without the need to go to the search button. In fact, this program makes my task a lot easier so if you want the best most effective search tool for your computer, Ava Find is the best solution for your problem. It is a tool that will help you to locate any software or data that you need on your system or device. It all means that you don’t need to locate or search them one by one manually.


  • Fast, efficient and doesn’t crash
  • Very useful and easy to use


  • The program has limited updates and features
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Search Anything on Your Computer Quickly Using This Effective Application

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

I have been using Ava Find for quite some time now. For me, it is one of the most helpful and straightforward application I ever used. Its main function is very simple. It finds any files on your PC with precision and speed. You simply type the filename of what you’re looking for, and it finds it very quickly. Whether it’s video, music or any files, this application can locate it without any hassle. It certainly searches anything and everything that is stored on your computer. Also, it has the ability to block folders that you don’t like and see only the files that you want to see. Moreover, this application has a Scout Bot feature that allows you to notice newly downloaded files immediately without searching it. Plus, it can find large file folders that are taking up the space of your PC and clean it up. All in all, Ava Find is a simple yet effective application to use for searching any files on your computer system. It is a great application to have, try and download this one.


  • Find any files on your PC quickly
  • Blocks folders that you don’t like


  • It lacks of advanced features
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By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, August 4, 2014


Ava find is one of the most used search option for pc.The search option that comes with most os just doesnt cut it anymore.It only searches the hard disk only.Ava find locates any file in the pc as you type it,no waiting.Locates all hidden files,even just by typing any name in the file.


This is a step to step instalation process.Download ava find 1.5.218 and install the file as admin.

1.Read through and click next.

2.Read the agreement and click next if you agree.

3.Choose the location on which you want to install and the users you want to use ava find.

4.Click next to start the installation.

5.Wait a minute or two for it to complete.

6.Once done hit the close button and wait.

7.This box will pop up,choose ok or the guide(basically you dont need any guide,because ava is so easy to use)

8.Wait for some seconds for ava to check all your folder and sub folder,then youre good to go.


1.win xp or later

2.25mb free space

3.any amount of ram memory


This is a good tool to locate the files you cant find in you pc.But note this is not an internet search engine.


  • files are well organized alphabetically
  • very very easy to use


  • its not free.A key is needed to activate
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for searching various documents and staffs in my pc.inshort i will use it for personal(non commercial) not for business oriented that is all

  • searching for various files in my laptop and even some video files as well as other materials that are not being found such easily. also my dc

  • domestic pc use at home for checking files on and off especially songs that i may need and have forgotten where they are. so thanks for the ap

  • find music,video and files and use this program to search things in my pc so that it can be easy for me to see all of my folder in a short time

  • just try purposes only..no intention of selling or sell it to the other persons or businesses and establishments..thank you in advance for understanding...

What similar programs have you used?
  • it like are web but i try to use mozila program to download ava find for windows 10 then about my pc is Dell and my monitor which i have is 1

  • i have beeen using myeverything for aleast for all ther years back in my productions work at my station here in kitgum district northern uganda

  • none useed so far but i am expecting this to be of great use. hope for the best in need. lets see if ava find works for me or not. till then

  • I have used search by windows. had also used ava find earlier but then it got deleted from this machine and so i am wanting to download it again. thank you

  • Advanced File Finder is the similar programme I have used earlier in my computer, heariong from my close friend but I failed to work with it

What do you like most about this program?
  • it searches everything on computers and its the best finder in the whole world and i have rated at least 4 times with my different accounts.

  • It's fast and reduces cumbersome searches to second spans. Unlike having to go through all your memory storages looking for a file you don't know the file location.

  • search collections, letters predictions, not a big progrem compatibility easier to use, gives the time the document was created, and also location

  • its gives me an easy of finding anything that i want to my computer at a right time, even if the that thing hidden to the many application thank you

  • ava find is a program that is quick in finding files and folders and therefore saves the time used in locating documents from personal computer

There is no question that Windows Explorer is the most used file management tools on the market. One explanation for this is that the tool comes integrated with your Operating System. For a file management tool, Windows Explorer lacks one basic function that is a search function.

This feature is compensated by Ava Find that works as a full featured search utility for your computer. With Ava Find, you can search for anything that is stored on your system. The search options can be customized in many ways. Think of Ava Find as a smaller version of Google search for computers.

The ability to search local drives and networked drives is offered. The search can be by name or even by content. If Ava Find continues in this road, it will be the best one on the market.