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Standard VGA Graphics Adapter 5.2.3790.0

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Basic but Indispensable Graphics Driver for Your Computer Display Setup

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The VGA graphics adapter 5.2.3790.0 is a video driver for standard VGA monitors. It is the most basic display setup for Windows-based computers. It is a helpful utility software that enhances the performance of your display monitor. It improves the resolution of your screens and provides a way to further upgrade your video card. In case display monitors become problematic, you can notice that many technicians who repair computer monitors, will return your computer’s setting to default. When set to default or factory settings, you can see in your Device Manager that your display monitor is set to standard VGA graphics monitor. It is one of the most indispensable parts of any computer setup. Basic as it seems, standard VGA graphics adapters can perform well when properly installed with a video driver. It can well display resolutions of 320x200, 640x200, 640x350, or 640x480 screen resolutions. I can also display colors in 4, 16, and 256 colors, and even in monochrome.


  • Can display various graphics modes
  • Can display various screen resolutions, too


  • Can display basic screen resolutions only




For what are you going to use the program?
  • the graphics adapter of om personal computer at homeso as i will be able to play games and watch movies at a very high resolution so that is why

  • a driver for my laptop that would hopefully help out with some of the issues i have been having. i cannot make screen go to the digital televison and woul

  • my VGA card is not working properly, i have installed all the drivers but still i can't see movies with blueray or hd in normal way, there isn't anything wrong showing in device manager or display adapter.

  • for better graphics and to play games cause for some reason my display is not functionibg to the best knolwledge that it should so thats why

  • trying to find an updated driver for my old desktop computer so that video performance can be enhanced veiwing better videos and pictures with no buffering

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What do you like most about this program?
  • movie display because my laptop wont play high definition movies am hoping this one will help because i have downloaded tons more but they w

  • this weary nice i want standard vga graphics adapter the best doawnlod speed file is free of spyware and viruses veary nice php nuke use ithes websit

  • free program i needed to get my compuier up and running again normally when I could not find it anywhere else to be able for use on my old one

  • The Quality of this software is very high and at the same time its pictures are very clear with no problems. it gives my machine true colors

  • the program is good and its working properly .although i find this annoying typing this ,i will try just to update my video graphics array

Standard VGA Graphics Adapter