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WLan Driver 802.11n Rel.

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Free Straightforward Wireless Network Driver to Suit Your WiFi Needs

By Isay Almenanza

On Friday, June 20, 2014

No more complicated and difficult installation and setup. WLan Driver is perfect for users looking for a straightforward WiFi tool. Best of all, it can be downloaded for free. Connecting to a wireless network is effortless. Its features provide high quality features despite its basic façade. Operating systems are no problem with WLan Driver as it is compatible with many OS. It takes little space on hard disks, so installation is fast. Setup takes a few minutes, as well. WLan Driver provides an easy management workflow. Aside from network adapters, it can also support multiband network adapters. To use it however, an important step must be taken first. Users must first determine the protocol in which their computer works to connect to a wireless network, and then they can choose the one that will correspond to their needs. If your wireless Internet connection does not comply with the 802.11n standard, WLan Driver will not work for you.


  • It can be downloaded for free
  • It requires low memory space


  • Not suitable for other network connection standards



connect to your online networks using this awesome wlan driver with no hustles!

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Connect to wifi that is a wireless network with ease I mean when you have this wlan driver it will be easy to set it up and also connect to a wireless network although I suppose that is only for version 802.11n that is for the latest models and therefore if your device cannot be able to support this version then I think it will be too bad for you.What I liked about this driver is that it supports very many adapters so therefore you as the user do not have to worry about the adapters that you have because it will be catered for and above else no fee is charged to download it as it is absolutely free.


It supports a wide variety of adapters

It is free to download and set it up

It only supports version 802.11n

It occupies a very small memory space


It is good but has some limitations


  • it can be able to support very many adapters
  • it is very easy to use and it works well


  • it cannot support some various versions of some softwares



Easy and Simple Wireless Connection Driver for Your WiFi Network Needs

By Ivy Paloma

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Originally published by Acer in 2006, WLan Driver, as its name implies, is a network driver for wireless network run on Acer laptops and computer. It is used a WiFi tool, so its users with wireless connection of IEEE 802.11n standard can use it as an adapter. It is absolutely free.

Interestingly enough, it does not fill too much space on harddisk drives. Installation is also a breeze. It supports Broadcom network adapters and multiband network adapters ranging from 802.11b, g, n, and a. I know, it sounds complicated. However, all these information are easy to utilize for the network drivers you use. The only thing to resolve is knowing which protocol your computer has and the only thing left for you to do is choose the one that will suit your needs.

WLan Driver is also compatible with a broad list of operating systems. It is very basic, but offers high performance features. Connecting to a WiFi connection is not a problem anymore.


  • It is available for free
  • It supports a broad range of operating systems


  • It only supports one wireless connection standard




For what are you going to use the program?
  • The driver is needed fo a USB WLAN adaper for Connection to the Internet via router - downloading necessary programs after new system installation

  • to run my wifi adapter because i do not have the proper drivers for it and need them do you really need an explination this long for a driver im sure that its obviuse im no computer i cant even spell right

  • i need the driver of this to connect in the internet please allow me to free download this thank you very much for your kind consideration ty

  • My wifi in veriton z431G is not working. I am looking for a solution and this might be the answer. If i install this driver, maybe i could make it work again.

  • i deleted this driver, because i thought it was some unwanted program. now i cant connect to internet which really sucks. so im trying to repair my mistake

What similar programs have you used?
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  • I used dicks too similar to these, liek Mysql. You are about to download WLan Driver 802.11n Rel. from our server Advantages: XDXD

What do you like most about this program?
  • easy excess to the net less stress in fixing this an that more convenient an more conferteble in doing your work in a short period of time than u can think about

  • for use wireless on my device everytime with using internet on my computer then use all devices which used wifi like phones and laptops and ipads

  • it is solution of my prolem because i have same device but unfortuntly i have lost its drivers cd so using this program i hope i will get the

  • because everything here is free to download and no virus and also this program has help me to solve my problem on my computer laptop and i really appreciate

  • Don't have driver in my pc to connect a wireless adapter. So thought of downloading this. But it's not allowing me to download until I give a review

WLan Driver 802.11n Rel.