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Micromax X510 PC Suite 1.0

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Another lightweight phone-PC synchronization software that can handle all cellphone brands

By Kyle Daniels

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Smartphones nowadays are starting to evolve like small computers, and when connected to laptops or desktops, they are easily accessed like portable hard drives. However, there are still people who use feature phones, which are the cellphones types that preceded smartphones. Feature phones do have memory cards, and can also be accessed from regular desktops and laptops. However, these earlier cellphone types generally required specialized software exclusive to their respective brands, or worse, their specific models. This restriction makes it particularly difficult for people who connect multiple feature phones on their PCs to access the phones’ internal and external memory. This is where Micromax X510 PC Suite comes in useful.

Micromax X510 PC Suite is a small, lightweight software that allows you to access the digital contents of your cellphone. The application lets you view and modify your device’s phonebook, settings, messages, ringtones, music, multimedia messages and other additional files. The software has a rather Spartan-like interface, which is quite on the utilitarian side. The interface is also not very intuitive, however with a little time and exploration, I find that I can access the different functions quite easily after much practice.

Now with Micromax X510 PC Suite, you can easily access your old messages, phonebook contacts, ringtones, music and other files you thought you won’t be able to retrieve. I highly recommend this software as a useful download.


  • Allows users to synchronize contacts, messages between PC and phone
  • Software is perfect for feature phones
  • Supports different cellphone brands and models


  • User interface is very minimalist and not that intuitive
Ease to access guides and manuals:



If you need to transfer data from a Nokia phone to your computer, you certainly will need a third party software for this job. The transfer of data from a Samsung phone for instance might require downloading a different software. Why not use one software that can do it all?

This kind of software is Micromax X510 PC Suite. Indeed, Micromax X510 PC Suite does not restrict the type of phone you can connect to its interface in order to transfer data from/to your computer. There are much more functions that this fantastic application offers.

One of these functions is the ability to modify the background settings of the phones. Micromax X510 PC Suite plays the role of a full featured organizer you will love using. This is a great tool to have!