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Acer’s Useful Driver for Its Basic Laptop Webcam for Instant Messengers

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The webcam is a driver for Acer laptop’s webcam called the Crystal Eye. It is a very useful driver, but the webcam itself has some drawbacks. It comes pre-installed with a number of Acer laptops. However, I can’t use the webcam as a stand-alone hardware. In short, I can’t use it to take videos or pictures. It can only work when I use Skype and other instant messaging apps. It does not live up to its name, too. Resulting images are not that really crystal clear. On the contrary, it has room for improvement and the driver makes everything bearable. It runs well with many Windows operating systems and once everything is all set up, the Acer webcam will work out fine. As a warning though, there are versions that surface on the Internet with the same goal – to serve as Acer’s Crystal Eye driver. These versions almost always come with suspicious malware. To be sure, check if the site is recognized by Acer or you can download drivers directly from the Acer website.


  • Pre-installed with many Acer laptops
  • Corrects webcam usability and results


  • Cannot be used as a stand-alone webcam



install the acreer webcam on your personal computer and get crystall clear images

By Kevin Kimaita

On Friday, November 27, 2015

acer has not disappointed this time round but they have decided to come up with something that is of some very good quality.They have introduced some webcam that is available to their laptops which comes pre installed on them and it enables a user to chat on some online platforms for example skype.What i did not like about it is the fact that the user interca eof it is very basic and therefore i think they need to style up and make it at least a bit colourful.

Once you download it here and then install it on your computer then it will be ready to use and you can use it in wesbites like facebook with the new feature on facebook that is known as the facebook video calling on i cannot forget even for skyping.The bad thing about this software that it is for acer and for me nowadays not very many people use acrer but all in all the performance is just so great and i like it very much.


  • it is very very clear
  • it is very basic so everyone can be able to understand


  • the user interface is very outdated




For what are you going to use the program?
  • live photo and take photos,videos secure camera capturing many things also test my webcam offline and watch how it is work yes or not or has

  • personal use only, after re-installing windows this programme disapppeared and I need it back to use it as I did before the mentioned installation

  • among others Im going to use the camera for skype and other web chatting services or for just taking pictures to edit on this computer. I also need it to

  • online chat photo email web conferencing and many more use of the camera so that i can utilize my self in the better extend to the company and me

  • Capturing pictures and videos for home use as well as for entertaining family members as we capture important moments for our future referencess

What similar programs have you used?
  • have not used any other simillar programs earlier. Initially when I bought the laptop, there was a a pre installled software that was serving my purpose.Driver

  • acer crystal webcam so this program were removed a un instalation of all progrms of the computer. so thank u very much for asking this question

  • I have not used any other program which make use of webcams. i need this webcam so that i can upload documents ,reports to higher office so that there will be no delay in submission

  • webcamsoftware iused before this to chat and share i liv e in punjab here internet is very slow so we have to use thesse type of softwares to

  • I have never use any this kinda program before as i dont usually use my laptop.Now that i broke my phone,it left me no choice but to move on to pc stuff.

What do you like most about this program?
  • its free and yaba daba do three is a crowd why is this request so long i dont want to have to keep writing im sorry this isnt enough because

  • its good and its very fine ilike it verty much pllease allow me download iwant to capture images of mie you shouild allowed too download this app

  • easy to understand and very simple instructions and download options it gives detail info on whatever app or program etc you wish to downloa

  • acer crystal eye web is downloaded fast and quick. downloads the latest softwares and applications for any computer device. its the best of all.

  • good programme, will enable me to do video chatting online and also facilitate my work online, i have heard about this acer products more on

Acer Crystal Eye webcam