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Once you read about what CopyPasteTool does, you will be delighted. This tool is for people who wished their clipboard or mouse could remember more than one data at a time. How annoying has it been for the clipboard or mouse not to be able to retain all your information?

Thanks to CopyPasteTool, you will have access to a reliable yet intelligent software for this task. CopyPasteTool does not have an interface instead working through hotkey. That hotkey is the mere Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V combination. You might ask how come since the combination can only remember one data at a time?

The thing is once CopyPasteTool is running, it remembers every single data you copy with the Ctrl+C combination. In order to access the data, you only need to perform the Ctrl+V for one data. If this data is not what you need, just tap V again for the next data. How ingenious is that?